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soft floral interior
soft floral interior
utensil keeper

$28 CAD
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This utensil keeper is designed to hold various things! It is great for your cutlery so that you can bring your own to a picnic or lunch and avoid using one-time-plastics. Artistic utensils like paintbrushes, pens, markers and rulers can also fit perfectly inside. You can also use it to hold make-up brushes.

The case is designed to hold whatever you please in the divided sections at the bottom so that you can fold over to top in order secure them in place before you roll it up and tie it all together.

-when fully open: approx. 16" height by 8.5" in width
-the bottom section that holds the utensils: approx. 5.5" in height
-there are 5 sections at the bottom that can hold utensils with an approx. width of 1 to 2 inches
-the ties are approx. 13" long

Vintage floral upholstery fabric is used for the outer, and the inner fabric is made from repurposed bed sheet material.