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RYGB floral & black colourway
RYGB floral & black colourway
washable, resuable, reversible face mask

$10 CAD
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This mask has the floral pattern on one side and solid black on the other. Both fabrics are second hand, cotton/cotton&polyester sheet material. The elastic ear bands are 1/4 inch wide.

* Price listed is for ONE single mask

Please wash your mask thoroughly before trying on or wearing, and in between each and every single use. Please wear your mask properly. Allow the pleats to widen vertically to ensure that your nose and chin are fully covered. As soon as you remove your mask, it needs to be washed before wearing it again.

Wearing this mask does NOT prevent you from getting COVID-19, however pairing your mask with appropriate social distancing and hand washing can reduce your risk.

This mask does NOT have any type of wiring inside of them, nor does it have any filters or filter pockets.